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We are the Mission Zambia Stake Pool.

We believe we are the first Cardano stake pool based in Zambia, dedicated to serving the orphans in our community. Our mission is to donate 40% of the pool revenue to charity while actively participating in the Zambian Cardano community. We are strong believers in the Cardano vision, trusting the community to deliver and striving for this technology to bring opportunity and fairness to all.

Our Name

Having been part of the Cardano community for several years, we firmly believe that this technology can bring prosperity, equality, sovereignty, opportunity, fairness, and much more to our world. We understand that achieving this goal won’t be easy and that there is a significant amount of work ahead. Rather than relying on others, we believe it is the responsibility of each individual to take action and address the problems around us. Cardano provides the tools we need to accomplish this. With its reliable, permanent, and immutable blockchain, along with functional programming-based smart contracts, Cardano stands out from the rest. As the time has come for us to take up our tools and get the job done, we are convinced that Cardano is the best tool available for our mission.

Our Mission

Our mission is to embody the Cardano spirit in Zambia in a practical way. We aim to uplift those in need, particularly orphans, by actively engaging in projects that can make a difference. Since we’re already taking on projects and using our tools, we want to fix things. We are enthusiastic problem solvers and, initially, our pool’s charitable efforts will focus on repairs and maintenance work at local orphanages. These facilities experience heavy usage and wear, requiring frequent upkeep and maintenance. Often, the responsible organizations are unable to provide adequate support. We see this as an opportunity to step in and fill the gap, uplifting the quality of life for our less fortunate young ones in our own way.

Our Pool

For our launch, we have chosen to deploy our pool using a virtual dedicated server for the block-producing node, along with two virtual private servers on different continents for our relay nodes. Over time, we plan to scale up in conjunction with the growth of the Cardano network and demand. It is our core mission to establish a local Cardano stake pool node, contributing to the geographical decentralization of the network.

Our Rewards

Our amazing delegators are crucial to fulfilling our mission. Without them, implementing our plans would be nearly impossible. To attract delegation initially, we will have a 0% margin on our delegators’ rewards, charging only the minimum pool fee of 340 ADA. As we gain more delegates, begin minting blocks, and earning rewards, we will collaborate with our delegators to adjust the pool margin, allowing us to fulfill our mission of helping orphans. We commit to donating 40% of all pool earnings to our charitable ventures. Additionally, we pledge to maintain transparency in the disbursement of funds allocated to charity. Our aim is to keep our delegators informed, involved, and updated regarding the charitable works we undertake.

Our Logo

Mission Zambia Stake Pool Logo
Mission Zambia Stake Pool

The colors of our logo reflect the pride of our Zambian flag. It features a mighty African fish eagle, Zambia’s national bird, symbolizing our humble project on a mission to bring Cardano to our beloved country. The ticker ZAM is proudly displayed at the center, leaving a lasting impression. We are grateful to Ardi Putra for freely sharing their artwork. The eagle silhouette perfectly captures what we were seeking.
Eagle Logo Vectors by Vecteezy

Our Motto

“We like to fix things”

Even on this fateful day, as outsiders’ narratives resonate with a seemingly fatal blow to Cardano’s future, we remain resolute in our vision. Our conviction is unwavering, and we remain optimistic that goodness and righteousness will prevail.

Join us in our work. Interact with us. The job is never-ending, and resources are limited. If you find it in your heart, please stake your ADA with us. We promise to deliver.

We are the Mission Zambia Stake Pool, and with your help, we can make Zambia a little better every day.